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The Fitnessista Podcast: Healthy In Real Life

Nov 17, 2021

New podcast up with Kara Collier, chatting about balancing blood sugar and making healthy swaps. 

Hi friends! New podcast episode is up on the blog and I’m so excited for this one, because I’m chatting with the co-founder of a company that I love: Nutrisense. I first found out about Nutrisense from my friend Mia, and wanted to try it because I had some borderline high fasting glucose levels last year. She walked me through the whole process of inserting my first CGM, and I was so excited to analyze all of the data I received from Nutrisense. You can check out my full blog post here! You can also use the code GINA50 for $50 off if you want to give it a try! (Not an affiliate link; they asked me if I wanted one, but the discount would be lower for you guys. I wanted to give you the max discount, so I do not make any money from these referrals. Just want to share the love!)

Today, I’m chatting with Kara Collier about:

- Why non-diabetics can benefit from continuous glucose monitoring

- Nutrisense and how it works

- The importance of meal timing

- Easy swaps for more balanced blood sugar

- and so much more 

Here’s more info about Kara:

Kara Collier is co-founder and Director of Nutrition at NutriSense - the leading personalized nutrition company that uses new technology to monitor the body and create personalized diets and optimized fitness routines. Kara oversees the health team and product development so she is at the cutting edge of using technology to make health advice based on real data from our bodies.

Kara is also a leading authority on the use of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology, particularly in non-diabetics for the purposes of health optimization, disease prevention, and reversing metabolic dysfunction.

You can connect with Nutrisense on their website, Instagram, and with Kara on Instagram here.

Resources from this episode:

Check out Nutrisense here and use the code GINA50 for $50 off! 

I love love love the meals from Sakara Life. (Also, none of my Sakara meals spiked my blood sugar while I was wearing my CGM. Even the delicious breakfast vegan pastries, like the roasted apple pancakes or the Chocolate Love Muffin). Use this link and the code XOGINAH for 20% off their meal delivery and clean boutique items. They have so many great things for holiday!!!

Get 15% off Organifi with the code FITNESSISTA. The green juice and gold powder are my favorites!

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