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The Fitnessista Podcast: Healthy In Real Life

Apr 28, 2022

Hey hey! SO excited for today’s podcast episode because it’s with a person that I respect greatly and have learned so much from him over time: Dr. Patrick Flynn! OG blog readers will remember Dr. Flynn from the days when I was trying to get pregnant with Liv. He became a member of my health team and helped me...

Apr 21, 2022

 Hi friends! I’m SO PUMPED to be welcoming a friend of mine to the podcast: Sara Garverick.

Her Instagram page constantly blows my mind, and she shares so much knowledge and tips. Definitely give her a follow.

101: Mineral imbalances, vitamin D, and supplements with Sara Garverick, IHP, PN1

Here are some of the things...

Apr 12, 2022

Hi friends! Today is my 100th podcast episode. This is a huge milestone and I’m so pumped to celebrate with ya’ll!

Here’s what I’m chatting about in today’s episode:

- Some of the things that have happened since I started the podcast

- Why hitting this milestone has been a challenge

- My top three favorite...