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The Fitnessista Podcast: Healthy In Real Life

Oct 14, 2021

Hi friends! Happy Thursday! I’ve got a new episode up on the ‘pod and today I’m chatting with Daisy Andrea Bravo about abs after baby.

When you hear “abs after baby,” it’s easy to think about getting a six-pack (or getting your six-pack back) because that’s the messaging that we’re constantly bombarded with online. I’m not talking about the appearance of your abs (even though that can be a nice bonus), but we’re talking about FUNCTION. Restoring core awareness post-pregnancy is a huge piece of the recovery puzzle and I’m excited that Daisy is here to share her insights on one of my favorite fitness topics.

We also chat about:

- Considerations for prenatal fitness

- Why everyone should see a pelvic floor PT

- Some of her favorite exercises for core awareness

- Postpartum recovery

and so.much.more.

If you’re not familiar with Daisy and her work, here’s a little bit more about her. 

Daisy Andrea Bravo is the founder of Strong Moms Fitness. She’s dedicated more than 15 years to helping women reach their health and fitness goals. She has helped many women prepare for birth safely, post-pregnancy she helps rehabilitate and bring women back to sports and the activities they love. Her approach to health and fitness includes butt-kicking exercise, education, motivation, and body image work. She is a certified Pre & Post Natal Exercise Specialist, Medical Massage Therapist Specializing in Sports Therapy, Pre & Post Natal Therapy, and Post- Injury Rehabilitation Therapist.

You can connect with Daisy on her website, her Instagram, and check out her book here.

Resources from this episode:

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